Band Camp Details

In case you missed it, here are the details Mr. DeWitt sent in his recent email:

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are super excited and ready to go for another awesome season of marching band! This got out a little later than I hoped, but here is everything that you need to know:

1 Schedule for camp and the full school year


2 What do I need?


b If you can’t get everything by Monday, that is OK. Just do your best.

3 How do I order my required GMB Shirts (1 purple, 1 gray) and optional Swag?


b All orders must be completed by 7/31/18!!!

4 Leadership Candidates

a We have a session on Monday during the day.

b All other members will attend only the evening block on Monday.

c If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, you must attend this session.

d Leadership will be finalized by the end of the first week of camp.

5 Sectionals

a All sections will have a required sectional during the open afternoon

b One the first week, and one the second week

c These will be finalized as part of the first evening of camp.

6 Percussion Placements

a Percussionists will audition throughout the first of camp for their spot.

b The audition will consider rhythm/tempo control, stick/mallet technique, sight-reading, and overall control.

7 Shoes & Gloves

a If you have marching shoes & gloves, please check them for sizing & condition.

b We will be sizing and ordering new ones at the first evening of camp.

8 Uniforms

a Students will be measured for uniforms during the course of camp.

b There is no charge for the use of the uniform.

c The cost of any damage will be assessed to the student

9 Schedule

a The complete is listed on my website

b If changes occur, I will communicate them as early as possible.

c If you absolutely have to miss part of rehearsals, you will need to complete an absence form and submit it for approval.

10 Rehearsals

a Rehearsals are open and family are encouraged to observe so long as you don’t distract from the task at hand.

b All posted times indicate the start and end times, so please arrive early enough so that you can start at the posted time.

c Parents are encouraged to arrive a little early at the end of the night to visit with each other and members of our board. This is an awesome opportunity to meet some outstanding folks as well as for them to meet you.

11 Stay in touch

a Students will be contacted via WestAda emails only.

b Parents will be contacted via email of choice.

c All students and parents may subscribe to our text alerts:

12 Parent Showcase

a The posted time may change as we coordinate with Football. I will email/text as soon as it is finalized.

b This short event is for students to show off what they learned at camp.

c Immediately following this we have a short parent meeting to introduce staff and booster board. We also offer a quick overview of the season and answer any specific questions.

d Attendance is required for members and strongly encouraged for family.

13 Questions

a Especially for those who are new to band, there are a lot of new things to keep track of and learn about.

b Any and all questions are welcome. You may email me, or schedule a face to face visit if that is preferred.

14 Medical Release Form:

a Please bring this completed:

b If you are not able to print at home, we will have hard copies available.

15 Last thing

a Please complete this registration form:

See you on Monday!

All the best,

Mr. Quentin DeWitt

Instrumental Music Teacher, Rocky Mountain High School