Spirit Wear

Show your support of the RMHS Instrument Music program by purchasing and wearing our Spirit Wear.

Online Store Link – Store is now Closed

*Closes August 31st @ 11:59pm MDT

Each student in the fall Marching Band program will receive, as part of their fees, a unique RMHS Marching Band shirt. Wind and Percussion members will receive a Purple and Grey shirt. Color Guard members will receive a Black shirt. These shirts help designate the students as part of the team and will act as the students base practice uniform for rehearsals and competitions. They will also be used at certain school events as directed by Mr. Dewitt.

Spirit Wear items can be purchased as an option for students and/or family members to show their support for the program wherever they go. However, Spirit Wear shirts should not take the place of the student’s base practice uniform at rehearsals and competitions. The RMHS Instrument Music Boosters have partnered with a local company to help procure and produce our Spirit Wear items. A small percentage of your purchase cost is donated back to our program. You can purchase your Spirit Wear items from the Online Store while the store is open. Orders will be grouped together and produced in batches to help save costs wherever possible. While some items may be available sooner, most items will be available to be picked up in the Band room approximately 2-3 weeks after the store is closed. All items are subject to available inventory shipping constraints to our vender partner.